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lifting in preperation for when you cant!

I was just curious, (mostly because Ive never seen it discussed in any t-mag articles) about working out the week before you know you will not be able to.

this is my situation: I will be leaving the country for two weeks, and given the circumstances of my visit, will have absolutely no way of lifting at all. So instead of a huge dissapointment I chose to view this as an optimum rest opportunity. What I am wondering however, is the type of training I should do before I go…anything special? A little more weight? Maxing out every day?

help would be appreciated! thanks.

Me, personally? I would train like the dickens: I would perform a 3-days on and one day off (given a 7-day week schedule is available) routine. I’ve done this before, also. I also had a “active” vacation, where I still jumped rope and stretched.

It's good at how you're viewing this vacation. I say enjoy and refresh yourself while away from the gym! And come back renewed for more quality training!