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Lifting heavy

I am a bit confused when someone says, “always lift heavy”. How do you lift heavy if you are trying to do 10-12 reps for example? If you’re lifting heavy, shouldn’t you only be able to do a few reps? The pros always say this, and I noticed it in an article in T-mag a couple weeks (I forget which one). Is this just confusion between lifting heavy and lifting maximally? Or, are these people saying to only lift heavy, and never use the higher rep ranges? Thanks for the input.

When I “lift heavy”, during a strength building cycle, I use 3-5 rep range and add sets to control amount of volume desired (similiar to 5x5). With compound movements, I will sometimes do a few heavy singles before moving up to some volume in the 3-5 rep range. The amount of weight used is what limits the rep range. The higher 10 rep range is the typical hypertrophy rep range and is of course preformed with poundages suitable for the higher rep count. I will go in cycles between the two and this is the principle behind Bryan Haycock’s popular HST protocol.

it depends on your training protocol and what your goals are. for me “lifting heavy” means sets of 10, 8, 6, 4 while increasing the weight with each set and having very little left in the hole when i am done. not a hypertrophy based training scheme rather a strength based one. i am looking to increase my density and hardness rather than size and volume. size does come with time, but as more of a side effect. size and strength are loosely related, so you really can’t have one without the other. your goals will determine what lifting heavy means to you. kevo

Good luck trying to apply this nugget of wisdom from one of the pros - “I tried training with heavy weights and low reps and I tried training with lighter weights and high reps, but I never really made good progress until I started training with maximum weight for maximum reps.”

You may want to read Poliquin’s Training With Maximal Weights article I think it is in one of the back issues of Testosterone if not you can find it on Charles Poliquin’s website.