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Lifting Heavy


I'm looking to gain strength and actually just try to gain some confidence in lifting heavy stuff. This is something I have lacked since an injury, and have really taken it easy since then.

I don't workout regularly but would typically lift something light for high reps, like at least 12 up to 20. Kind of a rehab style workout even though I can handle more weight. Although this builds muscle I'm starting to feel like this is more of a warm up and that I'm not gaining 'real' strength. I also have a lot of tension and anxiety and feel like lifting heavy might help me to relax my muscles better. I'm definitely cautious even lifting light and would love to lessen that feeling.

Does this sound about right? I'm mostly planning on experimenting this with bent over rows and some up-right rows and see how it effects my shoulder tension and strength.

Not looking to gain mass or set big weight numbers, planning to lift something I can handle for 5-8 reps. Might try doing 3-4 reps of this weight and then a few more sets.


What was your injury?

And what is your question exactly?


If you're not looking to gain mass or get stronger then why lift heavy?


or at all