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Lifting Heavy Shit Log

Let me start out by saying this is my first log on T-Nation. I figured some of my fellow readers and lifters in the power lifting forums would like to follow me - any one else is more than welcome to.
I’m a high school senior football player, aspiring to play at the next level, who also loves to train and compete.
I’m currently in the process of trying to avoid an inguinal hernia that I found out from the doctor yesterday I could be working myself into - laying low for a few weeks
I’m an advocate of high rep and volume training with a mix of strong man activities - farmer walking, tire flipping, ect. I will post the structure of what my typical workouts look like soon.

Until it’s safe to go full go again in the weight room my training will consist of primarily body weight movements and addressing my weak areas. I figure I’ll take advantage of the down time.

I’m about to be 18, currently at a BW of 180
Bench 305 - 315 if it’s my day.
Squat 500
Power Clean - 245
Dead Lift - No clue yet.

Bench 335+
Squat 550/555+
Power Clean 300 +

Today - Starting out with some legs.

  1. BW Squat - 3x50 ( full ROM at a moderate pace and controlled emphasizing breathing technique ) no rest, super set with wall sitting 3x2:00

  2. DB Tippy Toes 3x25 – 50’s ( walking with dumbbells on balls of my feet )

  3. Standing 1 leg calf raises 3x15 each leg w/45 lb plate on my back in a backpack.

  4. Super mans 2x10 w/pause at low back flexion

  5. Plank Hold 1x2:30

  6. Glute Bridges on mat 2x10

A different work out than what I’m accustom to but still productive
The BW squats and wall sitting was tough - more of a mental struggle to stay at a consistent pace and then without rest put my self in the squat position against a wall.

P.M Session

  1. Walking Plate/Bumper Squats 5x20 – 45 lb plate

  2. DB Squat 3x10 – 75’s

  3. DB Toe Touches 2x25 – 40’s

  4. Hindu Squats – 3x50

  5. Seated Chair Calf Raises w/plates on lap.
    50 – 25 lb plate
    40 – 35 lb plate
    20 – 45 lb plate
    10 – 45 lb plate plus 35 lb plate

  6. Wall Sit 1x2:45

  7. Side Planks (2x)2:45 each way

Looks sound

You plan on playing football in college?

Yes i do!

Looking at any schools now?

yes, D2 schools and I’m trying my shot at some D1 here in Florida. We had a safety/quarterback who graduated this year that got a scholarship to play ball for Army - which is also a possibility for me as well.