Lifting Heavy...Get Lean?

I am currently doing a 6 week bodybuilding routine. I train five days a week. Just an example of a workout…

Deadlifts 5x5
Good Mornings 3x8-12
Leg Curls 3x8-12
Pulldowns 4x8x12
Seated Rows 4x8-12
Single arm rows 3x15
Extra Ab Work

I am lifting pretty heavy in this routine for the next 5 weeks. I would really, really like to get leaner. So I guess what I am asking is, is it possible to carb cycle on a heavy program like this and get bigger while getting a bit leaner?

If not, should I just focus on carb cycling after this routine?

Well do you want to get bigger or smaller?

Focus on one, worry about the other later. People who try to get leaner and bigger end up spinning their wheels 90% of the time. unless you’re a genetic superman or you have every single parameter in your life under control then I doubt you can do both at the same time. Since it is the winter, I suggest eatting and getting huge.

I had one client who was able to do this really well and besides having a decent build, he followed his diet perfectly for a month. The other thing I had him do was three machine circuits a week in addition to his regular big lifts. Two days out of the week he kept the weights on the circuit light, and went for a slow, high rep set which simply got the blood flowing back into all of his mucles.

These were on his interval cardio days and were not meant to do anything other than deload. Then, at the end of his lifting week, I had him throw in a machine circuit where he did about eight very slow reps (it came out to be over two minutes of constant, extremely heavy pressure per lift) and by the eighth one he could no longer budge the weight.

This was an extremely painful process and I haven’t run into a person since who was able to do it the way it was meant to be done. He lost over 14lbs of fat and put on over 12lbs of muscle that month (the actual percentage increase of muscle tested as being so high that I’m inclined to think I messed up somewhere on the test, even though I retook it three times). The point is though, he looked fantastic, and lost fat while gaining quite a bit of lean mass.

Yeah you can do it.