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Lifting Hard On Juice!

I am currently running 500mg/Test C a week. Two 250mg shots a week, Monday and Thursday. It is my third week and it feels great. All my lifts are up and am recovering faster.

I am planning on training one body part twice a week while on “juice”. Now I planned on doing a major compound movement twice a week, Squat, Bench, Military, or Deadlift. Mainly Deadlift or Squat because my leg are my weak point. ( Bench 350 but only Squats 315-335 for 6 hard reps.)

Now I know I have the capacity to recover from this due to the Test but will it cause my CNS to burnout? Every time I train " I am on test" is alway in the back of my mind and I hit the weights extra hard, dropsets, running the rack etc. So should I keep going hard or do I risk burnout, because I don’t plan any time off on my 10 week cycle.

Hit it hard.

Take a down week in the middle of your cycle (not OFF lifting, just back off), and one towards the end. Other than that, push yourself to breaking.

Thanks that is what I have been doing. But the mental wear is overwhelming sometimes.

Mental wear is tough, but it’s something you have to overcome. Power through.

Would something like Power Drive be good in this case?

yes. definitely helps with CNS recovery

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So then I guess D-bol being used to psych one up at the gym is just because dbol affects serotonin (and just making someone feel better in general)?

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Ok, I got ya.