Lifting Hard and Days of Fatigue

I lifted hard Monday, made up for being lazy over the 4th holiday, combines 2 of my 5/3/1 lifts. Mil press and dl, along with 6setts of bi’s and 5sets of tri’s and i was completely exhausted tuesday and wednesday night… Anyone else have this problem when they really fatigue themselves in the gym?

only if I don’t eat enough and sleep enough. or if I’m hitting heavy singles

it has always been this way, kinda like after an intense basketball game, i drag the next day, i have been eating cleaner, less carbs,fat,and calories…(might have just answered my question, hmmmm)

the heat is gettin’ to me this week . add that to the 45 to 50 hour work week and the doubles/triples and ya got one tired camper .

[quote]matsm21 wrote:
only if I don’t eat enough and sleep enough.[/quote]

Completely agree with that. The more you eat the better you will recover in most cases. Most of the time it is just under-recovery that holds you back.

Its always under recovery. Be that food or sleep.

I’m pushing my diet hard at the moment, working 50 hour work week, 50 mins cardio a day and my usual workouts. I feel beat up. But I know why, and I get on with it. I cant so much control the food part of it, as thats set in stone, so I have to sleep better when I can. So last night I went to bed at 10pm, when I was tired instead of trying to sit up and watch TV. Just threw some Elitepro down with my shake and hit the hay. I’ll do the same tonight, even though its ‘Friday’ night.

Gotta look at the bigger picture sometimes.

Ive squatted everyday for 3.5 weeks now - felt awful for a while (still not great now) but its gets easier the more you do it.

Everyone recovers differently. Look into some active recovery techniques and try to get your conditioning up.

Caffeine helps me combat fatigue.

Spike, caffeine and good food are probably the best things man. I am currently battling fatigue as I am getting only 3-4 hrs of sleep a day and am working 50 plus hours a week but the body is made to adapt and after a few weeks the body gets use to it. Eat more and perhaps a nap if you can.