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Lifting Going... Backwards?!


Over the past year i've had the same problem on a few of my lifts, they'll get really strong (one at a time), and then they'll just shit the bed and i cant figure out why.
e.g last summer my deadlift added a serious amount of weight in the span of three months. i went from 325x10 to 415x7. about a month later i was at 405x2. Same thing happened with my squat and military press this past month. I take a deload every 4rth week.

thanks in advance


Recovery (sleep) ?
Diet ?
Some other stress in your life ?

I think those are the most important things, eating enough to sustain growth and recovery can never be underestimated.


Do you deload every 4th week because you need it, or that it seems like the cool thing to do?


Weight: Before/After
Outline your program.


Been getting about 8, sometimes 7 hours of sleep a night, diet hasnt changed much is basically been more calories than i need in an attempt to gain weight.

I'm usually pretty fried after the 4th week. i have skipped and done it every 8 weeks but then i just feel like shit for the second cycle, i'm doing 5/3/1

weights been consistently going up, adding about 2 lbs a month.
Been doing 5/3/1, and cycling upwards with weight, Usually hitting a good number of reps on the max sets, 10/8/6 or whatever


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