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Lifting Gear


I am not planning on competing in powerlfiting competitions, do I need to worry about the gear? My main concern is the groove briefs. I have strained my hip flexors a couple of times, and I read that groove briefs might help protect my hips. But I was also advised by a guy who lifts in USAPL that I really don't need them as the briefs will do the lifting, rather than the muscles in my hips. Bearing in mind that I'm not looking to go super heavy, should I consider them? And if so, which ones should I be looking at to protect my hips?


I don't think briefs will do anything for your hip flexors, you need to work on flexability for that (I learned this the hard way) As far as briefs I have heard whatever is cheapest and a size too big is enough to really help sore hips.


I would go with Inzer power pants. I have a pair and I feel that they help to keep things supported. Also if you plan on competing I would take a serious look at gear. Look at it this way if you can bench 300 raw and your competitor can do the same only he uses a bench shirt and lifts 325 he wins. Using gear just levels the playing field. Just my opinion.



Great post. I would like to hear more about it. I too am thinking about suiting up. I think it might help me break some plateau's. Get my mind able to accept the bigger weight. Do you have any good reading on this subject like what you offered. If not, just tell me more.