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Lifting Gear Advice

[quote]JaX Un wrote:
I lift at San Diego State University. for non-students(which i am guessing you are) it is 37$ a month and has just about everything you could ever need in a gym (minus a platform). Basketball courts, heavy bags, speed bags, hammer strength machines, rock climbing, saunas and insanely hot girls.

I have never lifted at Worlds Gym off the 5. I have heard nothing but awesome reviews of the place and i know they have hosted a guest posing event there with Jay Cutler a little more then 1 year ago. If i had to change gyms, i would definitely go check out Worlds Gym.

What brings you to SD?

Ok cool. I’ve lived in SD for the past 5 years. I just got out of the Navy and used to work out our Teams gym… Now I’m looking for a good gym out in town somewhere. Thanks for the info


[quote]ALX wrote:
I may try the gay shoes and also buy a pair of split second wresling shoes. Now I need to find a gay somewhere for a glove advice, and not to have to pay the high price for the advice ;)[/quote]

Yeah, the split seconds are cheap as shit (like $45.00 on the asics website?)…and Matt fuckin Kroc wears them so that alone is worth the $40-50 that you find them for in stores. And like I had said they are incredibly comfortable. A very good choice, IMO.

^^^And gloves are gayer than a fanny pack full of rainbow dicks. Real men have calluses so big that its like running your dick across a cheese grater during fap time.

this is undoubtedly one of the best 2 sentence combos i have ever read, ever.

gloves are gay, you’ll learn to prefer no gloves, get those faggy mit things that go in your palm. they’re gay but not 5 cocks pounding one figure skater all male porno type of gay. more like load in your beard type of gay though.

what is the direct tv channel for men’s figure skating anyways?

[quote]cyruseven75 wrote:
…more like load in your beard type of gay though…quote]

I LOL’ed so hard.