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Lifting Frequency


Hey guys I'm 17 almost 18 and been playin varsity baseball since i was a freshman and have been strength training/powerlifting a good amount, not 100% serious though until a few months ago. I was wondering if I should keep squats/deadlifts to ONCE a week or go TWICE a week? Some say once a week but I tend to recover very quick even from an intense heavy deadlift day. after about 3 days (4 max) im completely healed and feel no soreness and ready to go yet i still wait the extra 3 days till my deadlift or squat day comes around again.

I feel like its holding me back and im not improving my strength whatsoever. I eat plenty enough and rest enough even with school being an issue yet i dont feel like i target my muscle groups enough throughout the week. I dont want to over train (its why im asking on the forum)but if im recovering in 72hours would it be ok to do deads/squats/bench 2x a week? any advice is greatly appreciated.

Here's what I was thinking:

day 1: legs
day 2: chest/tri's
day 3: back/bi's
day 4: rest
day 5: legs
day 6: chest/tri's
day 7: back/bi's
day 8: off


It works great in theory, but you'll never know until you spend a month or so doing it. I recover pretty quickly but eventually I need to give my joints more time to recover. It also depends how heavy you train, heavy triples are probably not the best idea.

Try it with a moderate amount of reps and try to stick in that range. But be open to change the routine if you need more rest.


well I think i should give it a try for a few weeks and see if my soreness changes as if i am over training. i dont want to over train AT ALL but it seems like my body is stagnant on ALL lifts when i have 3 extra resting days for no purpose when i could be used for stimulation again. I cant say my strength has COMPLETELY plateau, but i feel like it could be sped up. I see why heavy triples could be bad and not to sound arrogant but naturally a 17 year-olds test levels are really high and i eat ALOT and sleep a good amount so i think testing it out would be the best thing to do. if its too much and i feel tired/too sore then ill stick with once a week for all lifts. I have no problem tweaking my routine/frequency and am always open to new training techniques.


Yes, try it for sure, see what happens.


If you're tired of your training -- due to low frequency and volume -- being as soft as a bowl of undercooked borscht, you could consider a Party-approved training method: www.dragondoor.com/articler/mode3/80/


will do. Anybody else have any perspective they would like to add?


At your age you probably have about the best recovery you will ever have in your life. Why not try some programs that are known for being very taxing. Since you're interest in Powerlifting you could try Sheiko. There's an article on this site that has a good 13 week plan. If you can handle that and want more you could try a Smolov Squat routine. Some people have made outstanding gains on it.

Good luck.


Yeah go for it. Put in a week of less intense lifting every three weeks or so though.


thanks alot guys! Plus i did some research on the infamous 20 rep squat routine and im going to try that out for 6 weeks and then switch back to 5x5's and see if ive gained alot of strength.