Lifting for Two Years Now

Skip the yoga and do some real dynamic activation.
Tight hip flexors are an extremely common problem.
My coach has all his athletes do at least this minimum dynamic activation work pre LBWO:

(x12+ each)
Thoracic Extensions on a Foam Roller
Pulsed Hip Flexor Mobiliations
Wall Hip Flexor Mobilization
Split-Stance Kneeling Adductor Mobiliations
Two Legged Glute Bridges
Frontal Plan Hip Swings
Front to back Hip Swings
Dynamic Calf Stretching

Mountain Climbers
Squat to Stand
there are tons of these.
Glute Bridges
Front Plane Hip Swings

i Dont think im gunna drop the yoga totally. I will def give these a try. thanks for the imput.