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Lifting for Two Years Now


I am a 23 year old lifting for 2 years now.
5 10"
192 lbs

current 1 max rep

squat 355
deadlift 400
bench 315

Im looking for some advice on what needs to be brought up.

Average daily diet

1 egg yolk 5 egg whites
1 cup of cooked oatmeal handful of blueberries
coffee w/ some soymilk

midmorning meal
1 can of wild red salmon
2 cups of spinach
half cup of lentils

same as midmorning meal

1 apple


protein shake
some sugar about 60 grms

1 can of salmon
2 cups of spinach
some other green veggies

before bed
2 tsp of peanut butter

my split is

mon chest
tues back
wed biceps-triceps
thurs legs
fri chest
sat back
sun biceps-triceps
mon legs

you get the picture

i dont usually take days off unless im sick or just feel like taking a rest day.








relaxed back




Your numbers are surprisingly low for how solid you look, im guessing youre pretty damn short. Either way nice progress

Edit: just realized OP says 5'10. got some stocky arms


Also, nice triple nipple


haha it was a scar from a bite in a fight!




Lats and chest are your weaknesses, but like i said before, solid looking physique.


Thanx for the input




solid structure and size for two years of training. wish i had that kind of definition.




come on i need more than just lats and chest.?!?!??!?!?!


You have a good looking physique. Your forearms are really thick.

Back width and chest stand out as weaknesses. Good job.


Teriffic arms, but yeah, as above. Chest & lats are in need of bulk.
Top stuff.

Don't know how you do it on that diet. I'd be starving.


Thanx. looks like i have some hard back workouts coming my way. i feel my deadlift is my issue. I injured my lower back last year and i havent been deadlifting much until about a month ago. my hip flexors were really tight causing back pain. so ive been doing some yoga to loosen them up. I think it has been working.

I already feel like the pain has virtually dissapeared. so im sure next time i put up some pics my back will be much more thick. oh and upper chest ive noticed when im not cut down my chest looks full and when slim down it really shows where i need the work i def need some more incline chest work.

Chefmeister- I dont know if you read it correctly but each can of salmon puts up 46 grms of protein. also 3/4 cup of lentils puts up 100grms of carbs and 25 grams of protein also. so i am not starving. if i am i'll just add in another meal similar to the lunch meal.Plus this plan is for when i cut down. When i am looking to put on weight i dont have to eat much more to put it on. last year i jumped up to 215 pretty quickly when i was eating whatever i wanted. i think thats partially my problem.


Skip the yoga and do some real dynamic activation.
Tight hip flexors are an extremely common problem.
My coach has all his athletes do at least this minimum dynamic activation work pre LBWO:

(x12+ each)
Thoracic Extensions on a Foam Roller
Pulsed Hip Flexor Mobiliations
Wall Hip Flexor Mobilization
Split-Stance Kneeling Adductor Mobiliations
Two Legged Glute Bridges
Frontal Plan Hip Swings
Front to back Hip Swings
Dynamic Calf Stretching

Mountain Climbers
Squat to Stand
there are tons of these.
Glute Bridges
Front Plane Hip Swings