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Lifting for strength

Some people use certain lifting programs to become better bodybuilders.
Others use certain lifting programs to become better powerlifters.
If you wanted to lift for strength, mostly for sports, what kind of lifting program would you use??

Thanks for all your help.

It really depends on your sport! I like a mix of WSB and Renegade methods for sports performance. Very little traditional bodybuilding in my sports training programs. Focus is on explosive lifting, increasing work capacity and using awkward lifts (turkish get-ups, bent press) to increase proprioception, balance and body awareness.

Im particularly interested in gaining strength for wrestling. Can you give me anymore specifics. Thanks

I would think that a big part of wrestling is technique. Strength is important, yes - but technique is a huge issue. So, sport specificity training (to improve wrestling techniques, you must work on the techniques). The training summary that Jason provided would work for your particular needs. Have you looked into Renegade training? Or even Combat Conditioning?

Limit strength and speed-strength as well as agility are important for wrestlers. I would focus on pull-ups, deadlifts, and squats as your main lifts, with some rotational work, neck work, and jump-squats, and med ball work thrown in. Also rope work would be very helpful to quicken up your hands, and if you’re wrestling freestyle i would learn the olympic lifts for throws.

You have already answered your question in fact - train to maximize performance on the mat. Every facet of your training must reflect the needs of the sport. At present what types of lifts have you been doing? In faith, Coach Davies

For wrestling I would suggest a lot of grip training, and pulling movements. Pushing is generally of less importance than pulling, but I would not cut out anything outright.

It would also depend a lot on your style. If your work a lot of throws, you're going to have to focus on a lot of explosive lifts that will strengthen you hip base, as well as your upper body. Over/under hook throws are almost all hip and back, for example.

As a bit of personal experience, I was the type of wrestler who could never work legs too much during the season--they got too bulky and I wasn't able to work any good leg series'. If you throw a lot of leg moves and your legs grow quickly, just be careful, lest you wind up sitting in a crab ride for half you match. Hope this helps.

All good answers. I would tell you to also spend some time on flexibility as well. Many people discount this. Especially hamstring flexibility. Kettlebells are great for conditioning grip and one handed olympic lifts. And last but not least, train your neck!!

I saw a strength program developed by Terry Brands and can tell you a little about that. If you are into wrestling you should know who he is. For each bodypart do a pyramid with one basic exercise like squats, benches, rows, curls,tricep extensions, and so on. Reps scheme of 10-8-6-4. Pick some assistance exercises like flies, lateral raises,leg ext. and curls etc. Keep the reps at 10 for these. This was for an off season strength program. In addition I would recommend you build up your grip strength and endurance. Wrist rollers are good for this. The great Dan Hodge used to crush up an entire newspaper page by page. Remember this guy could crush an apple in one hand. He could also dislocate opponents shoulders just by jerking on their arm. He took a guy down in the olympics and pinned him because they guy couldn’t break his grip. I don’t believe Hodge was ever taken down in his entire college career so build that grip it will be a big asset.

If you are sport wrestling, your work-out should be designed to keep your strength and speed high for each period. Check out the National Associate of Strength Coaches website, they have posted a few programs that are wrestling specific.
Best of Luck.