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Lifting for Slow vs Fast Twitch Individuals

Hey Everyone,

Do you all feel that a slow and fast twitch person should each train differently? I feel i am primarily slow twitch. I am 5’10" 160lbs with skinny wrists and ankles. I dont gain mass super easily and am not all that strong. I am currently doing CW’s Total Body training three days a week after a year and a half lay off from the gym. I am trying to gain more mass and strength for grappling.

Should i worry about high reps vs low reps or just lift hard and eat right? I dont know if this matters or not but i just cant excited about higher reps. I would rather load on some more weight and grind out three or five reps for five or ten sets than do three sets of twelve. Right around rep eight i just lose my mental drive.


you feel you’re predominantly slow twitch yet you hate higher reps? that sounds weird to me. but i’d also like to hear what ppl say about this thread, cause i loathe most anything over 10 reps. they seem to burn out my CNS really bad.

do it all. it is all good. muscle fiber type dominance is as much, if not more, a training history thing than a genetic thing.

I have never had any muscle fiber tests done or anything. I just always felt like i was less explosive than everyone else and have a harder time gaining mass than most people. Could be cause my nutrition was not dialed in.

I am the same way as you, i hate reps above 8. I just get tired and bored. Dont quite know how to explain. I would exert all my strength for reps of three or five than try to do ten or twelve reps with a lower weight.