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lifting for short track speedskating

I’ve been out fo the gym for a while due to life, but I’m planning to head back in very soon. The last lifting routine I did was EDT, and while my lifts went up quite a bit, I don’t know how much actaully translated into functional strength.

I am a relatively new speed skater, and want to tailor my lifting to success on the track. I tried talking to some of my team mates, but I learned from them that if creatine helps reduce soreness then it is stopping you from gaining muscle, that squats should never go to parallel and should be done as quickly as possible, and upper body strength is not a big focus since you skat with your legs.

So anyway, are there any other skaters here? Any ideas on programs? I'm planning to race the 500 and the 1000 in the fall.

Any thoughts?? Thanks…

I would disregard the remarks you heard about creatine and squats. Creatine definitely won’t prevent muscle gain and if you were to squat at all I would prefer full squats to hit the hamstrings and help balance out the quad dominance induced by skating.

Michelle, when I watched Short Track Speed Skating on the Olympics, the first thing I noticed were those really tight corners and how the athletes would lean to the inside while taking them corners. So, I was thinking “wow, lots of oblique and abs in general…” Right? Is your midsection pretty sore after a intense meet? I know lower body strength and balance is REALLY the basis of this sport (from what I’ve seen).

Any type of explosive lift would be beneficial (IMO). Have you ever tried Sumo style squats and deads? Lunges, too. Good mornings, straight leg deads. Plyometrics might help. Especially the plyos' where you jump onto a bench. Anything that will hit ham/glutes. Reverse hypers would be another good one. Maybe even hanging leg raises.

I hope I'm helping here.

Along with the lifts Patricia metioned, I would throw in some straight leg deadlifts and some good mornings. You must have strong hamstrings for speed skating. In addition the hamstrings mostly function as a hip/leg extensor when skating and very little as a knee flexor. I would also do some wide squats or use the leg adductor machine as these muscles are also heavily involved in skating strides.Lower back and ab work would also be extremely important. Hang cleans and jump squats would help with your starts. I would think that a good periodized program similar to what a sprinter would use would be benefitial. One that incorporates both traditional strength and explosive power work. Hope this is of some help.

You know, I didn’t really consider the obliques and abs. I have never noticed a lot of soreness, but my balance on turns is not all that great. Perhaps that is why…

I've never done sumo squats, I was doing reg. squats, good mornings, and deads.

Thanks for the ideas!!!

Kelly - *grin* I didn't plan to follow the advice that I got from my teammates, I only shared the best advice they gave... I'm sure you can imagine some of the bad stuff! thanks!