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Lifting for Maintenance - HSS-100

A couple questions on the HSS-100 programs non-target days.

It specifies that you should just lift for maintenance but I’ve never done that so I’m a bit lost. How do you lift and not get stronger and having to add reps/sets or weight? Besides not eating enough and poorly training. Like do you just take it easy and not push yourself?

And about the exercise selection for non-target muscle groups, should I use isolations to avoid using the target muscle as much as possible and still do compounds when the target isn’t involved?

you still push yourself just cut back the volume and intensity

If you are asking about a specialization program, I did the shoulder spec. program. I did quads/back/bi’s on one day and hams/chest/tri’s on the other day. 2 exercises per body part 3-4 sets of 6 reps on each.

The idea is not to spend your all your energy on anything other than what you are specializing on. Just pick the big movements for each bodypart and try to keep your strength up. Save the real effort for the 3 specialization days. Hope this helps.