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Lifting for Gains While in Calorie Deficit

Hey Youall… been training for +6y consistently, ate like crap and lots of booze for the first 2.5ish… That me is dead (not literally, thank God), and nutrition/alcoholism are under control now.

Goals are to get huge, but never wanna be fat 400lbs again.

27-29% bf (according to impedance scale & Handheld)

Training for hypertrophy primarily, but eating in a calorie deficit cause… I’m still too fat…

Body re-comp is coming along nicely… slowly but surely… just looking for opinions on training/nutrition…

What would you do…?

1… switch up training to accelerate fat loss before trying to add mass (shooting for 230-240)

2… Switch up nutrition to start adding gainz (wanna get as big as possible, but who doesn’t)

3… Just keep on keepin on and let the recomp continue to work itself out, albeit agonizingly slow…?


Although the pictures aren’t the best, you’ve obviously made great progress! I’d say leave it alone if you’re still progressing, but I’m not the most qualified around here :joy:

Amazing transformation. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

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Great work… if its working stick with it.

Agree with all above - keep doing exactly what you’re doing and great job so far.

Since you’re likely to keep thinking about it (we all do), I’d offer:

  • Your training program really won’t make a big difference on fat-burning, so do what you like.
  • Cardio does help, and brings health benefits, so I’d always do enough but not too much - there’s a happy medium here.
  • I definitely would not start gaining weight again. You’ll look bigger as you get smaller, anyway, and you’re on a great track right now.

Agreed. At 6 2, 230lbs and leanish is going to look huge.


Wow. Keep chipping away mate. The magic is happening

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Excellent work so far, mate. Well done.

You should do whatever motivates you most while you continue your journey. Changing up training is useful here. For example, while the notion of ‘fat loss’ training seems to get a good whipping these days, if you’re not use to it then those lactate-inducing, high rep sessions can serve a purpose - and keep you keen and eager. Four weeks later, your weight is down and you’re still motivated. Time to try something else, etc.

The issues you need to manage are:

  1. Dietary relapse (tell me something I don’t know)
  2. Developing a false sense of security and convincing yourself you can afford to gain, bulk, without any consequences. You probably already know this but given your history, you know you will need to manage your metabolism for the rest of your life. Those adipocytes are not going anywhere and just waiting to be fattened up given the chance.

A quick calculation suggests you are carrying about 76 lbs of fat mass. If you shed half of that (circa 15% BF) you would probably have some abdominal definition. As others have stated, at your size you will look like a beast. Surely that’s motivation to keep going.


Like everyone’s said, you’ve obviously been putting in the work and you’re on the right track for sure.

What, exactly, does this mean? Make a more concrete goal because at 6’2"/265, you’re already “huge”. Keeping a vague target is basically not having a target at all and that’s when trouble pops up.

So, what’s your actual endgame? 230 with defined abs? 250 with no moobs? Use the S.M.A.R.T approach to determine exactly where you’re going and how and when you’ll get there.

Dude, it’s not really that slow at all, all things considered. You’ve really been at it for just three and a half years and you’ve dropped 33% of your total bodyweight. That’s a pile of fat the size of a not-small human being.

Patience and a good goal-focused plan will deliver results. Rushing the process and shotgunning a vague target will spin your wheels.


Keep recomping. You have enough fat mass to do so easily. Remember you can only gain so much muscle at a time. Upping up calories won’t change that much here, and visually, you’ll be much more happy

Pics are crap, others I have available now are me in boxer-briefs, and aint nobody wanna see that…

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I know vague goals are no good, but it’s just easier to write “GET HUUUGE”

I wanna be “that guy” people see and say “Dam, that dude is Jacked!”

Starting at 400lbs, loosing fat has been primary goal since the beginning. I worked down to 250 and then decided to “clean bulk” and got back to 280 with QUICKNESS (2-3 months)! So stopped that and back to cal deficit.

Number 1 goal is still fat loss. I have been achieving this mainly through intermittent fasting, which I understand is no good for gainz, but has cut fat well so far. I am so dam tired of IF and just want to eat ALL THE FOOD, ALL THE TIME.

That said, I think the “S.M.A.R.T.” thing to do would be…

(S.M.) Continue IF until I reach 240lbs

(A.R.) I hit 250, I can hit 240…

(T.) By the end of 2020… If I kick shit into overdrive,

Then in 2021, I will drop the IF, increase cals slowly until maintenance level but not surplus… eating multipul meals a day to add lean mass and as little fat as possible.

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Thanks all for the words of encouragement and wisdom. It has been a hell of a road so far, I just never wanna be that fatass I used to be again, and hopefully I will get to be the “Jacked MF” handing out the encouragement and wisdom.

It will take time, no matter what you do, so embrace the grind and progress!

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If it helps as you transition, just remember IF doesn’t have to be either every day or no days - you can get a deficit with fasting on some days and not others. Whatever is sustainable.

I mentioned this in another thread. In August, I decided to blow up from 174lbs (fairly lean) to 191lbs (fat pig) mainly on junk food as part of a ‘fit to fat to fit’ experiment. I did this in less than 6 weeks. In response, using a combination of carnivore and 6 x 48-hour fasts (and modest exercise), I reversed this in 18 days. After hovering there for about 6 weeks, I upped the ante again by doing the 48 hour fasts 3 times a week (Sun/Tues/Thurs). I trained on the other days and stuck to the carnivore approach. After 18 days, I had dropped to 166 lbs. Did it suck? Yes, the last 10 days or so was tough but it truly is short term pain for longer term gain. I admire folks who slowly slim down but it’s simply not necessary; there is also metabolic slowdown to consider but that’s a whole other thread.


HID, High Intensity Dieting!


25 bs fat loss in 18 days… 48 hours fasts… Jesus… I admire you!

What was the impact on muscle and strength loss?

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Can’t quite follow the text friend. Where were you hovering for six weeks? Second @aldebaran s question. Having never fasted more than twenty-four hours, how lethargic and slow do you feel after 48? I find that by hour 20 I’m starting to feel cold and slowing down. Do you receive a second wind or does it stay perpetually tough? What about impact on sleep?

Also, what do you mean by moderate exercise? If memory serves you were talking a lot about HIIT on CTs forum but maybe this wasn’t during that time?

Parsed as begin fast Sunday, break fast 48h later on Tuesday (one meal?) begin fast anew 48h break fast Thursday (one meal?) begin fast anew 48h break fast Saturday - eat Saturday. How big were the meals? :thinking:

I just couldn’t help myself but to try and understand this. Obviously this is a fairly naive calculation.

Let’s say the following is true,

lbs to loose calories per lbs calories to lose
25 3150 78750

Calories per lbs is derived by assuming one pound of body fat is 3500*0.9 (10% water) calories.

Then it follows that,

lbs lost per day remove water (10%) calories to lose per day
1.388888889 1.25 3937.5

Then if we use your bodyweight and assume you manage to lose it linearly and we assume maintenance calories to be between 13xlbs-15xlbs then you had to remain fairly active.

BW x13 x15
191 2483 2865
189.75 2466.75 2846.25
188.2222222 2446.888889 2823.333333
186.8333333 2428.833333 2802.5
185.4444444 2410.777778 2781.666667
184.0555556 2392.722222 2760.833333
182.6666667 2374.666667 2740
181.2777778 2356.611111 2719.166667
179.8888889 2338.555556 2698.333333
178.5 2320.5 2677.5
177.1111111 2302.444444 2656.666667
175.7222222 2284.388889 2635.833333
174.3333333 2266.333333 2615
172.9444444 2248.277778 2594.166667
171.5555556 2230.222222 2573.333333
170.1666667 2212.166667 2552.5
168.7777778 2194.111111 2531.666667
167.3888889 2176.055556 2510.833333
166 2158 2490

But we have 6x48-hr fasts, that’s 12 days without eating. I’m guessing I’m too tired to do these computations properly because it seems to me as if you’d have to stay really active to lose the remainder of 78750 calories

x13 AVG x13 AVG * 12 x15 AVG x15 AVG * 12
2320.595029 27847.14035 2677.609649 32131.31579

What do you reckon your deficit was on an eating day?

To piggy-back on the other guys’ questions I’d be interested to see more of a detailed write up of this. Does one exist? If not and you wouldn’t mind, it might be nice to create your own thread about it.

Oh and while I’m here - great job OP. You already looked pretty jacked.