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Lifting For Football


i am 16 years old and am a sophomre in highschool. I play fullback for your football team and i was just moved up to the varisty squad. im not big at all(5'6 and 165 pounds) and i want to get stronger, and gain some weight. right now i lift 3 times a week and i pretty much do bench, squat, cleans, and deadlifts and some other things here and there i bench around 175, squat 275 and clean around 175. i was wondering if anyone of you can give me a good soild lifting program and conditioning program that i can start to help me in football

thanks to all.


Well, you're 16 and you know more about lifting than most people will know in their entire lifetime. Since you're in football season (and guessing you have practices or games 6 days a week) I would say use a M/W/F full body routine just to retain muscle mass during the season. Keep the volume low. Once you're done, find a waterbury hypertrophy plan, do it, and eat alot.
Also, you might as well start eating alot now, since you're excersizing alot.


what is a waterbury hypertrophy plan


What position do you play?


Just keep doing the routine that you are because they are much more effective when you are training for football than a hypertrophy (gettin bigger) program (cleans are by far the best possible lift for football players). However, when the off season hits you can train for size as long as you keep with at least a little agility training (especially since you are in a skilled position).

Also, make sure you take your squats ass-to-grass as it brings the posterior chain into the lift more (PC= hamstrings, glutes, lower back) and this will make you faster. Also, train the hell out of your calves and hamstrings in the offseason, as powerful calves and hamstrings are what make you fast.

I dont know how much your coaches are involved in the off-season, but if you have to come up with your own routines, add in speed ladder and plyometric work. When I added a lot of calf and hamstring work and agility training I dropped my 40 time from a high 4.9 to a high 4.6 and gained weight, so it is probably in your best interest. Good luck in the season.

P.S. - Whenever you arent doing something with both hands you should be eating. I wish someone would have told me that when I was a sophmore.


thanks for all the advice is there any program that i should follow that would be best for football right now i decieding if i should follow a sound football program or do a PL program and just ad some cleans in there to make my explosiveness stay good. what do u think whould be better and what is a good program that i could start following


Yeah, use the SEARCH on this site for "Next Big 3", an inseason football program by Chad Waterbury or "Bear Season" by John Davis


Just to continue this thread rather than start up another one.

I agree that calves are important to speed/agility and i prob dont do enough of them (I play SS) but what would those in the know recommend as the best exercises for calves?


i found these 2 programs on this site witch one do you guys think would be better or could u reccomend a diffrent one thanks




my football coach just gave us this program and i wasen't sure about some things and though i would run it by u guys and ask what you all think off

core lifts:
week 1(3 sets of 3)
week 2(5 sets of 5)
week 3(5-4-3-2-1)
week 4( 10-8-6) on bench/(6-4-2) deadlift/clean
week 5 (start over)

Auxiliary lifts-2-3 sets 8-12 reps

Box Squat
Bench Press
Neck Exercise
Straight leg dead lift
Glute Ham(school doesn't have one so what would be a good supsuatute?)

Power clean
Hex-bar deadlift
incline press
Heavy dips
push Press
Lat pull

Parell Squat
Bench Press
Neck exercise
power Snatch
Glute Ham
Straight leg deadlift

is this good enough for football it doesn't seem to have much back work or shoulder work i dont know though