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Lifting for Football?


Getting ready for football in a few months for my junior college playing as a db. I did the 5x5, and now the kingbeef 5day and was just wondering what workout people would reccomend for football prep.

Nothing conditioning already got that in order just straight lifting? I was thinking a workout with lower reps then normal maybe 4-5?

12% BF


Look into Wendlers 5/3/1 for football. You need to make cleans and squats a priority


Will do thanks.

Looking at wendlers 5,3,1. I was just noticing that the workout probably only takes 30minutes. I know we dont need super long workouts but I like to be hitting weights for an hour to maybe a little over. I feel I start to do well sometime in.


Jim Wendler is smarter then you.



Texas Method (Although intermediate, allows recovery and time for Conditioning)

Bill Starr



DeFranco's Built like a Badass or WS4SB v.3


what kind of weights and reps are you doing that you feel like you wouldn't do well with a 30 minute session, as opposed to a 90 minute session??

after half an hour of using my working weights, I've more than hit my stride, I'm likely to almost hit the floor.


When you do decide on a program if it calls for deadlifts, sub them for trap bar deads if you can. There's a better carryover to sports performance.

For football I think incline pressing and shoulder pressing are more important than flat benching.

Think, you wanna take the opponent off his feet, right? You do that by blow UP and back. Not straight ahead.

You're gonna be in a dogfight if you go straight..push up will put him on skates.

So yea id make those subs in the program you pick. Id even say a front squat would serve you better than a back squat

But what does your coach have to say? You should be on his program with your teammates bonding and building chemistry man.

If your coach isn't making you lift gather up your position guys and at least get that brotherhood going...


He is smarter than me, but no two are the same. And it is not that I dont get big or strong with short workouts, its just that I enjoy lifting, I have some free time to lift for an hour or so, and I tend to feel really good some time in to the workout. I'm not saying it's too short to fully work...I would just rather a longer workout. But I'll look at everyone's suggestions and I'll post back a workout that you guys can maybe critique. Thanks.


We start lifting in two months, So I want a workout for the next two months to use at the gym I belong to. Just prep myself a little bit, but focusing on incline or vertical pressing movements makes sense. Thanks.


Defranco's WSBB4SB.




Lift progressively heavier, and eat enough to support muscle growth.
Move a LOT of weight. Move that weight fast. Do it often


Ok. I'll Look at Defrancos workout since some of you seem to like it. Thanks guys!!!


Just to clarify you guys are talking about westside for skinny bastards right?! And it looks awesome if so


yes we are, and yes it is.


squat, press, dead-lift. run your 400's and 800's. "Iron Mike Webster, Pittsburg Steelers". Your welcome.


: )


Question: It's a three day workout, unless there are other versions of it. You guys think it would be okay if I added in a fourth day?


Follow the program to the tee.