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Lifting for Fat Loss

I was just wondering if there was a workout routine that you could recommend for someone who is trying to lose fat but wants to continue to lift. I followed the “no more strong, fat guys” plan a couple years ago and might go back to that if there isn’t a more optimal plan out there.

• High performance fat loss - Thibarmy
• Athlete lean, athlete strong
• Program for strength and athleticism Program for Strength and Athleticism

• The best plan for natural lifters 2 (or the 1)
• The zombie apocalypse workout
• 6 weeks to superhero
• Looks like a bodybuilder, perform like an athlete

I might be forgetting some. The first 3 ones are tailored towards fat loss, the others can be used to lose fat as well provided you have a correct nutrition. Personally I have done and lost fat on “athlete lean”, “program forstrength…”, “The best damn…”, "Look like a bodybuilder…"
So just pick the one that interests you the most (and motivates you the most), improve your nutrition and have a blast