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Lifting for Christ


Is there anyone out there that believes we lift for Christ?


Yay, this thread should be fuuuuuun!




What's your opinion?


wait, as in it is a god given duty for us to lift or that lifting brings us closer... elaborate on what you mean by "lift for Christ"


I don't care if people lift for hobbits, or their mom, or the government, or so they are strong enough to defeat the voices in their heads. All I care about is that they lift.


No kiddin'...

Personally, I think Jesus is capable of his own deadlifts.



Christ had to carry the very cross that he died on. He lifted for himself, and I think that's enough.


How much would Christ deadlift? I mean, if he had chalk and straps of course...


I don't see the point of lifting for Christ. If I believed in Christ, I could think of other things to do than weightlifting that would probably make him happier. Weightlifting makes me happy. It sounds a little self-serving to say you're weightlifting for Christ, when it's what you want to do and your religious obligations really have nothing to do with it.
Hang on while I go drive my car fast for Christ.


Huh? Wha? I'm thoroughly confused. I think I just got dumber for reading that.

In all things do it onto the name of Christ. I guess that qualifies. Not exactly what I think of before breaking a sweat tho.


No, and I don't care who does.


lol, i lift for me.

The question you should ask is how many people believe in christ.


But the real question is, can God put so much weight on the bar that he himself cann't lift it?


Now that's pretty funny.

poop face.


Let's not. How about we stick to Test related things like weights, women, and sex.


What mean is how many of yall feel that Christ works through you and powerlifting.
How many give glory to Chirst for bringing you to this sport. Because I realized today that I haven't been. No i'm not sayin that before every deadlift you look to the sky and say " I pull this 600 lbs. for you Lord God!"
I'm simply askin whether or not many of you thank the lord everyday, workout, and/ or meet that He has given you the opportunity to do what we all love. Lift Heavy Weights. I most certainly didn't think God had anything to do with it until today.


Poop face or not, the fact remains that it is a dumb question and really doesn't belong here.




WWJL - What would Jesus lift?