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Lifting for a Total Weight

Has anyone ever lifted for a total weight rather then sets and reps?

Dead lift Total =10,000 lbs,
Using 65% 1RM 315 6x6 =11340

Bench Total =10k
@85% 275 9x4=9900

The thought is to get as close to 10k lbs while using a given percent. The number of reps and sets would very depending no the total number of reps needed to reach the 10k.
There would be additional aux lifts following the main lift.

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I used to track tonnage at one poimt but I found it easier to go reps/sets/intensity in the end.

Work is Force x Distance, so More reps (more distance) is more work (wear and tear) with the same force.

Power is Work ÷ Time, so More sets or reps (time) means less Power.

We want Force, not work. So we focus on weight first.

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