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Lifting for '6-12 Reps'?


Sorry for this extreme newbie question but i just wants to be sure i do this right.

Being used to 5x5 straight set fullbody 3x a week i'm going to try split mass program.

I know i'm supposed to ramp up the sets, but when it says "4 sets og 6-12 reps" how do i make this happen? I believe Its 4 working sets so do i ramp up to 12rm, 10rm, 8rm and then end with 6rm? So i add weight after each set so ón the last set i can't get more than 6 reps?

Or does "6-12 reps" mean that I on week 1 use 4 straight sets with 12rm weights, then on week 2 add weight and go for 10rm, next week add more weight etc..?

Or finally: does it just mean I use weights i like in the range somewhere between 6 and 12 reps.. And if so: how about progression?


This. As far as progression, as long as you're increasing the weight or hitting rep PR's in that rep range you're progressing. So if you're DB rowing the 60's for 8 your first month, and then in your second you're managing to get 12 reps...progression.


Generally when a bodybuilder says he does "4 sets of 6-12 reps" he means that he does 3 progressively heavier warmup sets (not to failure), building up to his heaviest weight for 1 set of 6-12 repetitions to failure.

The idea being that if you can't get at least 6 reps with the weight, it's too heavy... and if you can get 12 or more reps, it's much too light. So he will either add small amounts of weight often and stay in that range, or wait till he can hit 12 reps with a certain poundage then add a great deal of weight and start over again next time down at 6 reps (building that up to 12, and so on, and so forth).

Doing 4 "work sets" to failure with the same exercise isn't very common in bodybuilding. Though some people train this way.

Yeah it's a newb question, but you also need to realize that it doesn't matter much. You need to find what works best for you, there is no 1 right answer.


Just fucking lift weights bro.


Yes sir! :slight_smile: and thank you all for the explanation.



It really is the best explanation there is for this.

You will figure it out on your own, trust me.

Dude in a year you will look back at this question, like we all have, and facepalm. I've done it, and I'm sure everyone has.

We all start somewhere. And this is one of things you just "get" as you spend time under the bar.