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Lifting for 3 months, How's My Progress?


Started lifting towards the end of September 2010 after 2 years of absolutely no exercise.

20 yo, 6'0, 157 lbs.
Gained 12-14 lbs so far. I used to be ~142 until I started lifting; skinny as a stick, people would always comment on it, etc. I'm still skinny, but myself and even others are definitely noticing more overall bulk.

Big 3 Maxes: 730 total
Squat - 270
Bench - 155
Deadlift - 305

Other maxes:
OHP - 110
Power Clean - 165

My goal is to hit the 1000 lbs club for the big 3 by May 2011. And hopefully I can bring my damn bench up.


nice, what programme are you on?


Starting Strength


Good work & good progress for that time frame! Keep hitting it hard on the 1000 quest!

Although to judge "progress" usually requires some starting maxes also.


Haha true, I didn't record most of my beginning lifts. Though roughly, my early work sets were roughly something like:

Squat: 125
Bench: 85
Deadlift: 125