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Lifting for 1 Year But Need Direction

First off, hello.

Now to business. I have been training for a year, so am not a complete beginner. My consistency has not been ‘fantastic’, but the last few months i have done well am wanting to really drive forward with my training. Over the the last yr I have gone from 165 to 180, but am apparentley at 18%bf :frowning:

For now, i want to become an extremley lean and vascular bastard with definition so the average person will be fooled and say,‘wow that dude is sooo huge’, and then next winter pack on the size i should have been packing on the last year.

The problem is, while this Ian King programme has been great, i want to try something new for a while, but i have NO idea where to start, where to look. I am not experienced enough to design a programme yet. I understand there are probably many posts like this a day, and i ahve searched this site but there is so much info i’m not sure where to start. Could anyone give me a pointer?

A few more things-If it is possible i’d like to gain alot of strength. I am not sure if this is compatible with cutting, or compatible with the idea that i want to maintain the muscle i have now and make it show. I’m at the point in the IK programme where i have been workin on weak links for 10 wks, and am about to go into heavy lifting. I may still carry on with this particular prgramme, but need some options to shake things up a bit. I have just started doing chin-ups, and can do 8 with good form, then 6, then 3…so i would like to carry on doing this. And as i am cutting i like to do low intensity cardio after liftin. Also my bench is shit ha ha.

thankyou for any help you can give me and if anyone has any great tips on cutting i’d appreciate!


Alright look at articles from JB and Lonnie regarding diet.

Train often even if at home.On non weight training days include some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for 10-15 minutes. I’d say start with 30 second sprints with 60 seconds rest.

Skip the low intensity cardio and do it fasted in the morning or not at all.

You can use a strength program to acheive your fat loss goal but aim for one that uses Agonist-Antagonist or uper-lower supersets so that you waste very little time and boost the amount of work done per workout. ( Chad Waterbury’s programs are good at this.)

Fat loss programs are usually lame for strenght and if you superset everything a strenght program will be quite effective.

As for the chin-ups don’t do dropsets like you are. It has been shown that performing 1 set to failiure is almost as effective as multiple sets to failiure and that multiple sets to near failiure were better than both for strenght increases! So if you can do 8 good ones, then do 6 for 3 sets.


There’s alot of good information in the thread “Are you a beginnner II”.

I’d give TBT or something simple like that a try.