Lifting Every Single Day

If you wanted to lift every single day (no rest days), how would you go about setting up your program so you don’t burn out?

I would probably follow a Bulgarian Method template on one lift for my everyday work, then probably 3 or 4 days a week the session would be extended into a full body workout. A lot of it would be autoregulated, eg any day I’m not really feeling it I would just hit my minimum weights and call it a day.

I wouldn’t try it, but if I did, it would be similar to Built for Battle with light loads (60% of 3rm?) on the off days. Again, I wouldn’t though… unless maybe if I was a 20 year old again.

Monday: Squats
Tuesday: OHP
Wednesday: Chin-ups
Thursday: Deadlifts
Friday: Bench press
Saturday: Rows
Sunday: Arms

10 sets of each exercise, 6 sets for bis & tris


I Kinda do this during winter months but take one day off from lifting to do just conditioning or HIIT.

Something like the Dan Johns 40 day workout. Basically one day of the week heavy day/shoot for some kind of PR on a big lift. Choose a different lift most weeks.
One of the days super high reps short rest, prob work on a weak point. I feel this acts as active recovery, stops you burning out.
All other days are like ‘whatever’/stay well within yourself . Broadly speaking upper /lower split keep slightly varying the movements and/or rep range each day. Only properly push it if feeling reeealy good

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When work doesn’t get in the way (like today and yesterday) I lift every day. Did a PPL and now I’m on a bro split and like it better so far. Still playing around with the order though.

I haven’t done a conventional deload, but if I have a day where I just feel off (hard to explain) I just go light on volume or intensity.

Edit: for the record, I’m a newb.

I have done it when losing weight. Usually the intensity varies depending on the days and some are just easy stuff (like 20 mins beach work isolation + some abs or cardio/carries)

For what goal?

Easy strength springs to mind if it fits your goals.

Third vote for Dan John’s Easy Strength 40 day program.

I’d just move some volume off my current days onto my current off days.

Depending how I feel, I might deload more frequently orlower intensity

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On some push days when I’m too lazy to do band tri push downs or shoulder work, I defer them until the next day, similarly rear delt work on pull days. I just make sure to keep the taxing stuff at least 48 hours apart. So instead of: P_P_L, I do: PpPpLl.

EDIT: I think CT had an article or two about 'double stimulation", which, IIRC, used heavy/light days. I’m not sure if it was an everyday model though.

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It’s pretty much what I do now. I’m currently lifting for strength and for fun.

Roughly equates to alternating upper body and lower body. One ‘big’ lift each day, so usually a Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and then dip and chin day. Work a few tough sets of the main lift. I use variations of the lift to keep me entertained (front squats, block pulls, low bar, high bar, trap bar, etc).

Numbers/sets/reps go by feel. Some days I feel beaten up so hit a semi-heavy single and leave, others I push it and do lots of assistance.

It might not be the most efficient way to train but I enjoy it, and it keeps my conditioning up as I take short rests.

My favorite split was always a 4 way CH/Calves, D/Tri, Ba/Bi, Legs. During preps I would insert 2 extra days for cardio and core focus, but off seasons I would just cycle through all 4 and then repeat. If I needed a day off or had other commitments, I’d take the day, but often I just repeated over and over. IMO so long as you’re not being completely boneheaded and spending 4 hours in the gym, eating poorly, and not sleeping, you’ll be fine.


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I lift every day, it helps me be consistent. My current split is as follows:

Day 1: Quads/Calves
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Ham/Glutes/Calves
Day 4: Chest/Abs
Day 5: Shoulders/Calves
Day 6: Arms

Yes, it’s a 6 day split. Sometimes I’ll bcombine both leg days into a 5 day split, but I like it this way. I am training more towards bodybuilding rather than strength now.

I will take a day off now and then when I feel like my body absolutely needs it or I have a really busy day scheduled; but it’s rare.

I found this to be a good read. His articles have some silly names, but he definitely knows what he’s on about.