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Lifting Every Other Day?

Christian, if you had to lift every other day how would you structure your training to achieve over all hypertrophy especially the upper back/traps? two way upper/lower split with loaded carries at the end?

It’s not far off from what I’m doing.

I would use a 8 days cycle…

Day 1 - overhead and delts
Day 2 - OFF
Day 3 - squat, quads, glutes and carries
Day 4- OFF
Day 5 - bench, pectorals, triceps
Day 6 - OFF
Day 7 - deadlift, back, carries
Day 8 - OFF

thanks for the suggestion! due to family schedule I need to switch to EOD so something like what you wrote seems very doable. I might toss in some v bar dips on delt day for some pec/tri stimulation as well. Another one of thought of was

Day 1 Vertical Pull/Squat Variant. Zerchers most likely for TRAP benefits as well

Day 2 Off

Day 3 Chest/Biceps/Carries

Day 4 Off

Day 5 Back Thickness such as snatch grip RDL’s and posterior Chain work

Day 6 off

Day 7 Delts/Triceps/Carries

Day 8 off