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Lifting Equipment


I was telling my friend about my hands getting tired as my workout progressed and that when doing shrugs my hands were not strong enough to hold the necessary weight without it slipping gradually. I use 80 LBS dumbells to shrug and the bells start to slip by around the 7th rep (3 sets X 10 reps).

Well, my friend bought me a set of Hooks attached to wristbands to help hold the weights so I can keep on shrugging.

Is it wise to use this equipment or will it hurt me by not allowing my hands and fore-arms to strengthen? Should I shrug with less weight?

Thanks T-Nation



How about altering the rep scheme and using your equipment on the last set?


You should take a weight and do static holds for as long as you can. Do a couple of sets of these a week. You will not get your grip stronger using hooks or straps.


Good advice. What do you think about the shrugs, should I do them with a lower weight or just shrug until I can't hold the weight in my hands any longer or use the hooks only for shrugs?



Use straps or hooks, only on your heavy sets. You may want to add some grip specific training into your routine.




Thanks, makes perfect sense...



yes lower weight a bit and do 8 or so reps. Heavy but to where you can still hold the weight. Use every oppertunity to work your grip. Straps/hooks will just take away from time you could have spent on getting a stronger grip. IMO



Thanks for the input...I do worry that relying on those hooks will eventually end up hurting my grip strength...I see the benefit of avoiding them; perhaps increasing the number of shrug sets with a lower weight would help or maybe just go as far as I can with the heavier weight and then switch to lower weight when my grip just gives out?? Again, thanks...!