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Lifting Equipment (Australia)?

Hey guys,

Can someone please recommend me weightlifting stores situated in Sydney. Or if most places are expesive, any good gyms?

All i see these days is fitness first, and its way too commercial.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

These seem to be quite cheap and located in NSW.

As for gyms, I can’t really help you, but this might be a good place to start.


this shop is decent:

altho I hear Australian barbell is pretty good, it’s in melbourne tho

About gyms, yeah fitness first seem to dominate. Depending on where you are. I’ve heard this as close to ‘hardcore’ as it comes: http://www.rileysgym.com.au/

Vinny , Riley’s is pretty good . Depends where you are though , they are in Seven Hills ( Western suburbs ) . If you are closer to the city try City Gym in Surry Hills . If you want top quality equipment i dont think you could go past Samson barbells at Rydalmere ( can’t think of the street name off the top of my head though ) Upper end of the price scale but the owner is a lifter himself and they make it on site and can do custom .
Hope this helps you .

I’m in SE Melbourne Suburbs and I’m having trouble locating a dipping belt. No one is carrying them.

Any clues?

Even E-Bay has let me down…