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Lifting Early, Looking for Advice

I work out early in the morning, down at the gym around 6.45. At the minute I’m getting up at 5am to get a full breakfast, so that by the time I’ve walked down to the gym and done 10 minute of a cardio warm-up, it’s been around an 70 to 90 minutes since I’ve finished my meal. However, I’m always STARVING in the morning so tend to eat big (~800 calories, eggs, oats, wholemeal toast, peanut butter and fruit) and I know that the time frame I give it to digest before lifting isn’t enough.

I’m trying to eat enough to get me through my activity (15 minutes walk to and 15 mins from gym, an hour lifting, and 10 mins cardio before and after weights,) but also that I’m not left feeling sluggish, or getting hungry mid-workout (both of which I feel affect my performance.) Any suggestions as to what I can do?

Maybe go with a liquid meal and a good dose of caffeine.

Get some simpler carbs closer to your workout, coffee and lots of water. That’s helped me somewhat. I workout at 7 AM and also wake up at 5 AM. This has helped my improve my capacity in the morning, but I’m still working on improving it.

I used to lift early in the morning. I found that I was a lot weaker in the morning than in the evening because my nervous system wasn’t fully awake yet. Maybe Alpha-GPC would be a supplement to try.

Instead of that slow-digesting meal in the morning, try a shake with some maltodextrin in it. It’ll flood your system with carbs a lot faster.

Take a look at the para-workout nutrition protocol that CT has designed. It could be extremely helpful for morning lifting.

I eat a 1500 kcal breakfast approximately 50/50 liquid to solid about 1 hour before working out plus 1 serving Surge Recovery pre workout. Takes some getting used to at first.

no one has said it yet but you should eat a shit ton for your final meal before you sleep. My favorite thing to do now is make a big batch of beef for my last meal and leave some in the fridge, then I hit that in the rest of that in the morning with some strong coffee (w/sugar+cream). I’m not sure why but the beef just makes me perk up in the morning.