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Lifting During and After a Cold

I’ve read in the past that lifting is okay with a cold as long as it’s just a head cold. Why that is I don’t know, seems like its still stress on the body?
How about after you get over a cold?
Is there any school of thought on how long to wait after the worst symptoms go away and intensity of the workout?
I can see doing too much, causing a relapse, but I hate to miss time too.
Saw a thing on tv a little while ago that said the average cold is actually affecting the body about 20-30 days?

I’m not a doctor, but I play one in the bedroom…

Definitely, you need to think about stress on recovery and the amount of stress being placed on the body by working out and fighting the cold.

From what I understand, the cold is actually in your system gestating before you even start feeling symptoms. Once you’re in the worst part of the symptoms, the cold is very well advanced. So a good chunk of that 20 days is going to be before you realized you had the cold, as well.

But it seems to me that a healthy individual that doesn’t mess their body up with cold symptom reducers, gets lots of rest, and takes care of themselves, should get over a cold in less than 20 to 30 days.

I can usually shake a cold in two to three days, with minor symptoms for another couple days. Although it might be tapering off, it’s hard for me believe that I have another 20 days after that where it’s still affecting my system. I would say a week to ten days at most.

But like I said, I’m not a doc, so… Just my own observations.

Depends on how bad my symptoms are. If it’s really just a head cold I usually just lift through it but if I am in any way feeling light headed or I am not thinking clearly I stay out of the gym. Your best bet is to really just listen to what your body is telling you.

If it’s only a “normal” cold go ahead and train but if you have a sore throat and/or a fever. Stay home.

I just train through it if at all possible and then get lots of food/liquid/rest. Maybe not the best idea for some people but what the hell im not going to let some cold virus keep me from throwing weight around.

I have always heard that if it is above the neck it is ok to exersise. If it is below the neck(chest cold) then it is best to take the time off.

Stay home. Don’t go to the gym and spread your germs to others. That’s low.

I wait until I’m motivated to get back into it.