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Lifting During a Sports Season?


Hey guys. My question is about lifting during a sports season. Obviously, lifting for large gains during a sports season is a bad idea. However, what about lifting for moderate gain or just maintaining muscle mass? Would that be frowned upon also?


How old are you? If you're in HS you could still put on a good amount of size during the season. Lifting will both help prevent injuries (if you don't act like a dumbass) and maintain your strength. Just make sure that you eat and sleep enough, your body is going to need a lot inorder for it to recover. And make sure you eat!


Lemon's got it right. Eat and sleep plenty and lifting definitely won't do harm. Just don't be stupid with it (i.e. don't go for a max squat day right before a game...)


Most inseason programs don't implement any lifting over 85% intensity on your big 3 (squats,deads,bench) and don't implement over 77.5% intensity on olympic lifts. Inseason, I would recommend never going more than 3 work sets, but 4 is ok if you are not in a competition week. A great resource for inseason lifting is Joe Kenn's book on the Tier System.

While strength can be gained during the inseason, remember that your primary focus is on field/court performance, so don't do anything in the weightroom that will fry your CNS and leave you "groggy" for competition. I would also recommend never lifting more than 45 minutes (not including WU) and not lifting more than 2-3 times a week inseason.


Yeah, I'm still in HS, so that is good news for me :). While we are on the topic, does anyone know any effective hip flexor exercises that work the fast-twitch muscle fibers?