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Lifting & Driving


Okay yesterday on my drive home from work the guy in front of me in a dodge van was doing curls and presses with a dumbell with his right hand while steering with his left.
Talk about making time to lift. It was a legit dumbbell too. Like a 60 pounder, which may not sound like much but he was driving!!!
I've found a hero


When you drive, you drive!!!!!

It's stuff like this that make unneccesary accidents happen.

Hero?? IMHO he's a moron! What would his excuse be if he had an accident? What if one of your friends/relatives were run over by this "workout driver"? Would you still consider him a hero?


Sounds to me like somebody has watched "Over the Top" a tad too many times.


Dude sorry had no time for the gym had to get to work ususally I lift at the gym but occasionally I have to improvise. You should see when I break out the 130's and do dumdbell presses all the people driving on the road get real pissed. :stuck_out_tongue:
Naw just kidding it sounds like this person read Shug's blog about adaption though


That is just plain dangerous but very funny.

However, I have to admit that sometimes on my commute home where the traffic was terribile I would bring a stress/squeeze ball in the car so I could work on my grip strenth while I was sitting in traffic. Plus, I HATE traffic so I was getting some of my anger out on the stress ball...hehe.


Dammit! Someone took my "Over the Top" joke before I could respond.


I think it's John McCallum that had a good story aobut a guy doing curls, sitting on the back bumper of his car while waiting for the ferry to arrive.


Can you ever see "Over The Top" too many times? Isn't it considered one of the greatest theatrical works of all time? I mean, he got the eagle off his old rig and everything!




I think you are 100% right, it was quite the cinematic masterpiece. After watching that movie I just knew that I could overcome any adversity if I just turned my hat around backwards while blasting Europes' "The Final Countdown."

To see him and his son at the end...wait, I'm starting to tear up just thinking about.