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Lifting, Distance Running and Carbs

Hi all,

I am currently pursuing both weightlifting (mainly to look good) and running with the goal of completing a marathon at the end of 2014. I know it would be better to focus on one thing, but I enjoy both and am willing to accept slower progress than if I focused entirely on one.

I’m also coming off a year during which I went from 108 to 88kg so I tend to watch what I eat quite a lot and generally avoid carbs. My current weekly training involves 2 heavy sessions (upper / lower), two light sessions (shoulder & bicep, chest & back, split due to time constraints), one short fast run and one long slow run.

Now I know that as my long run extends beyond the 10k, I will have to increase my carb intake, even if I want to continue losing body fat. Now my question is: do I eat carbs after running or after weight training? Or doesn’t it matter.

Many thanks to anyone who has experience with this!


Look at increasing your fat intake. On your runs look at doing more shorter intervals, such as 800m repeats. When you get to your longer runs cut your training down to two or three heavy days, and go lighter on your assistance work. Long distance runs use different muscle tissue and energy system than heavy lifting. Focus your weight training on increasing strength focus running on increasing your speed and endurance. Your going to be burning a ton of energy take MCT and add BCAA to your intra run drunk. Increase fat intake easy way to add calories to a diet. Look up Peter Attia in YouTube and Google great articles on performance on keto diet. I,at one time, ran a ton and still had good totals for my size: 18:30 5k, 280 bench, 360 squat, 450 dead and 175 body weight. Main thing is you can achieve two goals at once as long as they are reasonable: don’t dream to be a 800 deadlifter and win the boston marathone. Remember in running at weight it you versus the pavement and you versus the weight look at beating PRs and I promise you can reach each goal.