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Lifting Diet for Vegetarian?


Hey all -

I searched the archives and couldn't find anything. Doesn't surprise me really, as this site is more dedicated to hardcore lifters, and I don't know many who are veg.

While I rarely go a meal without eating something that once had a beating heart, I have started training a friend of mine who is vegitarian. He is considering starting to eat fish, an idea which I am trying to foster.

Other than that, can people recommend a good vegitarian diet for lifting? As of now, I've been trying to get him to eat cottage cheese, drink milk, and eat eggs.

BTW, I've only had him lifting for about 5 weeks, and I can already notice a huge difference on him. Aahhhh, to be able to make gains like that again :wink:



If you've stay with this web long enough, you should know the Doctors here don't recommend vegetarian diet.

and one of the best article can help you just come out:

The Top 30 Testosterone Nation Diet Articles

inside it :

8 The Soy Articles

Scan the archives of T-Nation or look through the forum discussions and you'll find several nasty comments about soy protein. Why? Because soy protein, at least in excess, is bad, and we've published four different articles by four different authors to explain why. Check these out before you eat another soy-laced protein bar:

Bad Protein by TC

The Evils of Soy by Cy Willson

Soy is Still Bad Protein by Glen Neilson

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you can find links to the four article above from the original article, first one on the main page right now.

also, there's another article talk about vegetarian...

The Warrior Nerd
Die, Vegetarian, Die!
by Dr. Lonnie Lowery

the link is here:


take a look.


Get your flame throwers warmed up boys. I quit eating cows, chickens, pigs, lamb etc., over 2 and half years ago and I have to say I don't feel I'm giving up much in terms of size or gains. I do eat fish, Low-Carb Grow!, eggs, and cottage cheese and I find that these are adequate sources of protein for me.

I find myself puzzled by the reactions of some folks on this topic. I think anger and/or derisiveness are the most common responses and I'm not sure where it comes from. I respect people's personal choices and don't try to convert anybody to my way, but I find that often folks who disagree get indignant at what amounts to a lifestyle choice. WTF?


T-Nation contributor Mike Mahler is a vegan. He's got some articles on this stuff.


I used to be a lacto-ovo vegetarian. As long as complete protein(milk, eggs) is eaten and sufficient calories, everything should be cool.


I'm vegetarian as well (lacto ovo); I basically eat a lot of eggs/egg whites, drink milk and protein shakes, and limit soy intake. Always looking for different sources of protein, but these are my staples.


It is very easy to get plenty of protein using only low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, and milk proteins. Meat is not necessary.


i'm not a vegetarian, but i do respect their choice of lifestyle, i don't anger with it. what i post is the link of articles from this web about this topic, and hope people can get more educated, i'm giving them a choice, not forcing them stop being a vegetarian. in my memory, there is a Mr.Olympia who is also a vegetarian.....i'm not sure his name is "Bill Peral" or other name....