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Lifting Commentary Vids 1746 Raw Total @195


I've been keeping a log here for a while and recently started doing workout commentaries to try to share my lifting thoughts with others. I had someone ask why I didn't post in the main powerlifting area more often so I figured I'd start.

Feel free to take what you can from these vids and if you don't want to then don't =) simple enough! I'm currently running a very modified sheiko CMS program


It was me.

Thanks for posting, I will probably come back with a few q's later on.


Where in Washington are you Ben? I am moving to Seattle and am looking for places to train. Got any ideas for University of Washington/Greenlake area?

I've been thinking of giving Sheiko a run. Problem with my schedule is that I can go to the gym often, but not for extremely long periods of time. So, I am trying to figure out how to divide the three-a-week Sheiko days (that probably, looking at the layout, last about 1.5 hrs each) to five-a-week days that are 50mins to an hour long. Ideas? Think this will work? If you werei nthe same predicament, how would you go about it?

Cheers! You and Ben Seath are some strong mofo-s and its great you are posting around.


may i ask why you dont arch much at all even when you have your feet down for bench?


Good stuff Ben. I will follow for sure.


Awesome. I'll check into your stuff more. Good lifts.


I live in Ellensburg and go to Central WA university. There are lots of gyms around the Seattle area but I am less familiar with them the closest ones I can really vouch for would be ocals gym in lynnwood where justin Randal trains, Imperial Crossfit in Kent where Grant Higa trains, Flex fitness, Stan Efferdings gym in tacoma, or Seattle Strength and power in downtown seattle. As for training with Sheiko if you lightened up the training weights and shortened rest periods it could help you move quickly. I've never had to deal with limited workout lengths because I generally build my class schedule and work schedules around my workouts haha. If two a days are an option the program breaks down well into that pretty well. you do your first 2 core lifts in 1 session and then come back later and do your last core lift and accessories. Hit me up with some more details about what you were thinking of doing and I'd be willing to look at it and try to see if I can't help you figure it out.

Of course you may, there are 2 real reasons. first off the benches I train on are low and slick wf you try to set a big arch you slide all over the place, it sucks but I don't have many options. 2nd is that I was diagnosed with spinal hyper lordosis and facet syndrome a while back which put me out for about 3 months basically my spine is naturally over arched and it was causing a lot of problems so I moved my squat stance in, cut down my bench arch and relearned how to lift.

awesome glad to have you along

Thank you!


... You have a 1746 total at 195? I'm pretty sure that's good enough to win the IPF world classic championship for the 93kg class.


You sound understandably skeptical... Here are some vid credentials =)



that is some great lifting! Pretty insane for 198 as well. How long have you been training?

I am also curious how you go about getting sponsored (esp as a raw competitor myself). What all does the sponsorship pay for? I would like to see if thats possible for me soon.

Glad to have you around.


Great work!


Well I'll be damned.

how old are you?


I started training about 10 years ago and committed to powerlifting about 6-7 years ago. As far as sponsorship I address this in a video Q&A here sponsorship question is 4:10 seconds in

Thank you!

I turned 22 11 days before that 1746 total and turn 23 next october


sometimes you have to grit your teeth and get through the session, today is an example of that


Definitely following this one. What are you studying?


I have been studying vocal performance and american sign language for 4 years at cwu


620x4x3 at 199lbs BW is incredible!


This is great, will definately be following here!


Can you give an example of your daily diet please. Do you follow carb cycling or any other particular protocol?

Are you big on workout nutrition (pre/during/post) or not really? An example if you are would be great.

Do you plan on moving up at all in the future? If so, to what class(es)?

What,if any, mobility and/or conditioning work do you do?

How many days a week do you train?


Strong work Ben, I will be following. Since your a humble guy I'm going to try to help you out on the numerous sponsorship questins.

If you are 22-years-old with world class strength for your weight class and the potential to break many records and be considered one of the best ever and are also well spoken then you will get sponsors.

If you are like the rest of us you had better be lifting and/or competing because you love it not because you are going to ever make money from it. Just consider yourself lucky that as hobbies go powerlifting is a pretty inexpensive and rewarding one.