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Lifting Coach in Denver

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good coaches/gyms in the Denver area. I really want to learn perfect form for the power/olympic lifts. Any help is awesome!

bump for brian…jeff what part of denver? im at a sweet gym in lakewood. keep bumping this thread

I am in south east denver, about I-25 and Hampden. JC, what gym are you using in lakewood?

Thanks guys

point athletic club. where are you lifting?

maybe dr. mel siff, maybe a little difficult to get a session with him but well worth a try

Actually Right now I am in Fort Collins as CSU. I lift at Colorado Athletic Club Monaco when I am home in Denver. It is fine except there isn’t really any coaching available, and the majority of the people that work out there are 80 year old men or soccer moms! Not really what you would call “dangerously hardcore.”

the point is actually pretty nice. as long as you got some headphones while you workout, they have great equipment, and the girls are HOOOOOTTT. great eye candy for cardio.

biggity bizump

Hey Under Dawg, how would I go about getting in touch with the doctor you mentioned. Thanks guys!