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Lifting Club in San Ramon, CA


Anyone out there want to start a lifting club in San Ramon, CA. I have a really nice home gym. I just want to get some guys together to train and track each others progress. Lifting alone gets pretty boring at times, plus its good to be accountable to someone other than yourself.


I don't know about bodybuilding type-stuff, but for powerlifting there is an excellent gym in Concord called Diablo Barbell. All westside-style training for powerlifting, and they also have a group of strongman competitors that train there. I would suggest checking it out if you are interested and wanted to get more ideas for starting your own club at home.


I live in San Ramon and go to Fitness 2000 gym thrice a week. I'm interested in monitoring my progress but not too sure of this lifting club concept. Can you elaborate a little bit more? Do you expect me to bring any equipment to your place?


I have all the equipment that I need. I use only free weights so its basic but very effective. I would just like to get some people together, train maybe once a week and compare training logs.


Thanks for the info. I've heard about them but never been there. It's a little far for me to go during the week. I have a small window to train because I have to pick up my kids at 5:00, So the home gym works great for me.


I'm in Dublin. Depending on the scheduling, I'd be interested.


It's all up in the air right now. Weekends are probably best to start out till we get schedules lined up.