Lifting Chains

Where do you guys suggest picking up chains, I have seen some on the internet, just curious what everyone else has done. Thanks!

Industrial suppliers. Start at the hardware store, farm equiptment supplies, crane rental and rigging suppliers.

Home Depot.

elitefts has chains.

You really shouldn’t just use chains you would find at a hardware store, I don’t think it would be too safe or practical as you need a support chain to attach it to. And the elitefts chains are ok but I’m not keen on the setup of the support chain. sells powerlifting chains. Westside buys their chains from there.

I made some lifting chains at Home Depot. But after the time and expense it took to do it, I would have been better off just ordering them from Elite.

I found some here, also:


They seem expensive.

I made mine at home depot too. Finding a feeder chain really is not that tough…

Chain construction is not rocket science. All you need is a light feeder chain, a couple of caribiners and u bolts and however many lengths of 3/8 chain you want to attach to the feeder. The 3/8" chain is the largest home depot carries. 10’ is about 15 pounds and I fold it up three times before attaching it to the feeder chain with the U-bolt. Then it is just a matter of hooking the feeder chain to the bar with the caribiner at what ever height I need it set at. However, it is not cheap and when all is said and done, you are probably better off just buying the whole chain setup from

I got mine from elitefts-I`ve never had any problem loading or adjusting them. topper ones would also be good as westside uses them. gymrat