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Lifting/Cardio Advice to Drop Weight?

Having a hard time here… Maybe I’m just being critical.

Current stats:
365 lbs
Squat - 250
Deadlift - 230
Bench - 190
OHP - 125
TDEE: 4200
Calorie Intake: 3000
Daily protein: 215g

I’ve been doing 5x5 for 4 months now but I don’t seem to be dropping weight. I can definitely tell I’m getting stronger. An acquaintance of mine that works out suggested that I stop 5x5 because it’s for bulking and move to 5 days a week major muscle groups each day, legs, back, chest, arm, etc because it’s for weightloss…

He also suggested I do Sustanon 250 with androgen inhibitors but I just don’t know enough about it to start doing it. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Don’t consider the gear at this stage. Might help if people knew what progress you have made in 4 months.

Well to start, weight gain/loss will depend more on caloric surplus or deficit

Well, with 5*5 you start with the bar and work your way up from there usually with 5lb increments. Once I got over the initial pain phase from muscles not being used much it’s been pretty good. I started skipping weight to get where it was challenging. So over the 4months I went from 45lbs to the stats I placed above.

Should I just do more of a calorie deficit and lighten the workout? Estimated tdee is 4200 with my workouts, figured 3000 was a decent deficit, I just hate losing muscle while trying to lose weight… If that’s the way it is, then that’s all there is to it.

Calorie deficit for sure. Lighten the workout? Well I think as long as you can keep adding weights on a linear progression, I don’t see the need to lighten the workout just yet. Yes, it isn’t advisable to do a 5x5 linear progression on a deficit, but if you can still keep adding weights linearly with good form, then I think you can maintain the deficit for now. If I were you, I’d only sit down and consider the deficit part when you start having trouble adding weights - at that point, the choice is whether to keep losing weight, or keep adding weight on the bar.

The calorie estimates are estimates. Drop your calories until you’re losing a couple pounds of week. You’re a pretty big guy, so you should be be able to lose at a good rate for quite awhile. No question your calories need to come down.

I think most of us should at least do the minimum cardio to improve our health markers (even though I hate doing it); I wouldn’t overthink this or go crazy about it - just get in half an hour 3x a week of whatever you feel like doing aerobically.

How you lift weights is pretty irrelevant for fat loss, and losing weight is not a death sentence to get weaker. Competitive bodybuilders get weaker in the last weeks before a contest - that has now become an excuse for all of us to think we have to get weaker every time we clean our eating up a little, which is ridiculous; the situations are very different.


  1. Lift weights however you want
  2. Do some cardio for your health
  3. Drop those calories so you’re losing, on average, 2+ lbs. a week (I would actually expect it to be a faster rate while you’re still over 300)

Good luck!

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Run through fatloss training templates off this site like these below…

Cardio:at your weight just walk your socks off…

Yeah dont worry about this you -would need to get true six pack lean/down 150lbs or lower for this to happen

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Thanks everyone for all the info. I’ll change things up for 8 weeks and then re-evaluate

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Exactly this.

I think you need to ignore that TDEE calculator. 4200 is a crazy high number.

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In 4 month have you lost any weight?

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