Lifting Belts

I feel silly asking this question because of how long I’ve already been in the iron sport. I’m a bodybulder, not a powerlifter, so I hope comments and answers won’t conflict with the question I ask.

I’ve seen pics of members here who use lifting belts while deadlifting. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose?? How can someone work and strengthen the lower back while deadlifting if the belt is aiding in the lift?

I have NEVER used a belt while doing ALL working sets for my deadlifts. I only use a belt for my last 2 sets on HEAVY barbell rows (because of the continuous bent-over position) and for shoulder presses with dumbells (to help stabilize my body).

I’m not looking to compete in any powerlifting show or attempt any 1rep maxes, just want to continuously progress, grow, and strengthen my back with no hiccups. I’m not looking for advice here, or change my workout program. This is just a question out of curiousity.

I second this question, as I never use a belt, but have also seen many people who are much bigger than I am using them.

i never use a belt either guys. my best conventional dead so far is 505 and sumo is 555, with no belt. i dont use one because i am not used to it. when i get ready to compete i will “learn” the belt but until then im not going to.
how much are you guys pulling anyway? breathing is alot different with a belt then without. without a belt you need to focus on bracing (tighten up your gut like your going to get punched) and with the belt you can actually “push” out against it. i would NOT try “belted” technique while lifting raw.
hope some of that helped. again, i dont use a belt so some of my infor may be off, maybe someone else will jump in and add something.

train hard,
ryan b.

The belt doesn’t do much for the low back. All it does it teach you to push out (with the belly) and to stay tight.I don’t think it makes the low back any stronger that it really is. That’s my understanding.

i have never been fully sold on the whole non-belt thing for injury prevention…i cant see a reason for a powerlifter to really use a belt becuase he stays in failry safe % ranges…but for pl learning to use a belt is very important for optimal performnace…for example amy people think that you just put it on as tight as you can for the squat…but thats not true you have to learn to use it along with your abs to get the most out of it…i can see both side of the debate and i think a person has to reach a desicion personally on there own training lifestyle to decide where the belt best fits…good question…bm

i cant see a reason for a powerlifter to really use a belt becuase he stays in failry safe % ranges…i meant to say bodybuilders…bm

I don’t use a belt because right now I am just starting out in the whoel PL’ing area and I am a tad bit poor, and I have heard opinions for and against the belt. I chose against for the money savings, and right now my DL is only 315 x 3 So no major wieght as of yet. I weigh 165 if that makes a difference