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Lifting Belts

I just bought myself a lifting belt (I will be lifting some max loads soon). I’m just confused as to how to use it? How low should it be on my back and how tight should it be? Should I buckle it as tight as possible with my belly sucked in? I couldn’t find any webpages that gives instructions on how to use belts. I know the general opinion of the people here is that belts should not be used, so please - I’m not looking for replies about that.

Your best bet is to head over to Dave Tate’s site elitefts.com and ask the guys over there. Just go to the Q&A board.

This is what I do:
Wear the belt low on the waist, and as tight as you can get it. Use it only on the heaviest lifts (singles or doubles) where failure is a real danger. Wear only for squats or deads.

For those of you that do use a lifting belt, what kind (brand and “style”)?

i wear the belt a little loose and expand my belly against it. for me, it works better than wearing it tight. i use a belt from elite, but i think they are out of business now. inzer has good belts.

Make sure you get a thick powerlifting LEATHER belt that is thick in the front too. One prong preferable to two if you are going to use it in competition