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Lifting Belt


OK, even though I've been lifting for a little bit I know this is a rather newbie question...

I'm going to go out and get my first lifting belt. When do you use it? Just deads and squats? Only when going very heavy or all the time? Also, is nylon OK or should I just go heavy-weight leather?



I'd put it on before you even get to the gym, pre-work out lifting belt wearing has shot my training thru the roof. it also helps when you do olympic curls...

Really tho I'd just wear it for heavy squats, deads, and maybe heavy OH Presses. And biceps curls, all the time


I only wear mine when I squat or deadlift heavy. And fuck nylon get leather.


Do not get addicted to the belt. If you are a newbie @ training we have a ways to go before the belt comes into hand. The primay reason for the belt is to increase abdominal pressure. You need to push you abs out towards the belt to increase stability. Let your body (core) become stronger before starting to rely on a belt. I see too many people using them when they should not. Go with the leather that the same width all the way around...



So you mean that all the skinny guys at my gym who wear them while sitting on a bench and doing bicep curls are using the belts incorrectly?


If you want to weaken your back, injure yourself, and never feel confident without a belt, wear it all the time. Otherwise, don't put it on, ever.

Seriously, unless you are a seasoned veteran going for extreme recording breaking poundages, stay away from the belt!


my point exactly.....


Cool, thanks guys. I started thinking I was needing one yesterday AM when I did my deads. It was a personal best lift for me and I thought I was going to pop my spine right outta my skin.

When I do get a belt, it will be just for specific occassions like that. Thanks for confirming thick leather and also mentioning the same width all around. A lot of the ones I've looked at are wider at the back only.



i only wear it for deads, usually the last set if i am going for a max

do lots of ab, lower back and core work to help build the area up. also, keep fkn perfect form on OH presses to strengthen the area too.


Make sure you get a good solid belt too.

If you're going to go to the trouble of wearing one don't pansy around with it.

I love my Inzer belt.



I think this is an interesting debate. I personally find that wearing my belt all the time, for every lift, really helped me in the beginning, as I felt it gave me an increased feeling of stability. That was 5 years ago. Now I still wear my belt for every lift, other than abdominal training. I think it has become more of a habit for me. Kinda like how I have my favorite training sweatshirt, shorts, shirt, etc. If I didn't put on my belt and plug into my headphones at the start of every session...I don't think I'd get into the zone...

That being said, if you have no attachment to a lifting belt and you're just starting out, I would recommend not using one. Some people have already mentioned the core training benefits, and I agree with them. You can still do deadlifts, squats, anything w/o a belt. And then if you want to give it a try one day, give her a go...



I have recurring back problems and use the belt for most heavy lifting, squats, shrugs etc.
Ive come to realise that if I strengthen my core, I will be less suceptable to back problems in the long run. So ive been shying away from the belt and focusing on form/conditioning instead of extreme strength.
Hope this helps.