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Lifting Belt, Wow.


For my first time, I tried on a lifting belt for a couple sets of deadlifting yesterday... didn't feel like much when it was on, but the weight just fleeew up. I think I could probably pull at least 50 more lbs with the belt on.

What do your lifts look like with a belt as opposed to without?


I used to get a huge benefit from deadlifting with a belt on, but recently, It hasnt really done much for me, its like I cant get the belt tight enough standing up to continue to be tight in the hole where I need it.

Squats, a belt does help quite a bit, but I dont like using it too much, and havent in months, because the more I squat without it the more I feel like it changes the way I lift when using it.

Basically, when the weight gets too heavy for me to keep strict form I would wear a belt and I think it provides alot of help then, but even on hard sets, if my form is really strict, I dont see that much of a benefit.


I have gotten a 60lb. carryover when using a belt for the deadlift. I used to train and compete using a belt, but not any longer. You asked about numbers. Mine are:

590 (with a belt)

530 (no belt)


If you have that much of a carry over then I really think that your weakness in the deadlift is your core. It could be weaker muscle or it could be that your are not bracing yourself correctly.