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Lifting Belt Adjustment Tips for First Time User

Changed programs recently. Decided to get belt to help with heavy upcoming squats and deads. Went with a 10 mm.

Tried it for the very first time today and it was painful and uncomfortable. This was my squat workout today

I did all of them beltless and only threw it on for the 280×3. First time ever trying the belt so not sure if this was the best decision.

I have wide hips/ iliac crest/ love handles so I wear my belt so the bottom of the belt was just tapping the iliac crest.

I only managed 2 reps with the belt and I took it off and did the last one beltless and it felt much better.

During the two belted reps my upper abs felt really sore and the belt was digging into my iliac Crest a lot towards the bottom so I couldn’t hit my usual depth comfortably.

I already feel like I’m wearing the belt higher than other people I see at the gym but would wearing it even higher be ok so it doesnt stab my iliac crest? Will my abs get used to the belt with more practice?

Btw, I’ve been squatting for a while now so I think my form, breathing and bracing are all done right. I also think I wore the belt with the correct tightness.

I would get some neatsfoot oil and rub in the entire belt. and add additional oil on the side edges that contact your hips and ribs.
Wear the belt all the time in the gym, even if rather loose. It will eventually break in.

You need to break in the belt. Wear it ALL the time when you train. Let your bodyheat and sweat soften up the material and let it form to your body.

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Also put it in your bathroom so the steam from hot showers soften it. I also buckle the belt up and roll it applying a bit of downward pressure daily at the beginning

I have a similar problem, only after straining my arms the next day it’s hard to even lift them. Hot showers helped a little, but the pain in my shoulders is still there. I’m thinking of cutting weight for now.

I wear a thick leather double pronged belt, and had outrageous bruises around my hips for the first week. It’s been years now and I don’t feel it, at all.