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Lifting Beginner, First Cycle or Wait?

I have just started lifting weights, i am 6ft1in and 79.5kgs, i have a slim build , i have collected a vast ammount of information before lifting and have stuck to a high protein / high carb diet to gain mass, also read alot about anabolics, and i have made the decision i will be using them, i just wanted advice on whether i should train a bit longer and then start, or can i start from the get go on smaller doses. (12wk sus and deca being the cycle i am swayed towards).

You have gotta give some stats/goals man…
age, weight, height, goals, best lifts, diet, and proposed cycle. I’m saying this because I’m tired of bashing idiots on here and would like to actually help someone. The more info you can give, the more help you’ll get. People hate for someone to say it’s their first cycle and want to know everything they should do. Give some info and propose a cycle and I’m sure you’ll get a lot more help than what you’d get with this original post. There are some really knowledgeable and experienced people on here. There are also a shit ton of fuckheads and idiots… Don’t be one of those lol.


Sorry Man…got my question wrong, i have edited and would welcome your advice .

Yea that didn’t really help at all… Read what I wrote and go from there. You added height, weight, and what gear you might use… People wanna see numbers