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Lifting before hernia surgery

I went for a physical today, first time in about 3 years since I finally have insurance, and the doctor told me I definately have a hernia on the left side. It’s that fleshy area just below the abs inbetween my thigh and my ****. I’ve had this for some time (several years as far as I can recall)and I only notice pain about 10-15% of the time, and never while lifting. Nonetheless I was referred to a surgeon so I’m going to see him to get it fixed if necessary because in the past there have been instances where it put me in tremendous pain for no reason, and even kept me from having sex a few times. But considering that it hasn’t changed in years would it be a bad idea to continue lifting until shortly before I have the surgery, which will be the end of dec/early jan? I just hate the thought of losing so much of my hard work in the 6-8 weeks following the surgery and giving up the next 1.5 months going into the surgery as well. I’d take the intensity down a bit and try to just maintain rather than build further.