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Lifting Barefoot

I run barefoot, CrossFit barefoot, and frolic barefoot. What about heavy lifting? It seems to make sense as your arches are allowed to fall and better distribute shock.

“Frolic barefoot?”

I’m thinking you’re a hippie.

I deadlift barefoot and used to squat barefoot before I got some squat shoes. I wouldn’t use DB’s barefoot, seems like a much higher chance of broken toes but go for it if you like.

cheeta is right. I’ve accidentally dropped plates on my foot wearing both chucks and fivefingers (essentially barefoot), and it sucks no matter what.

If you start bleeding, though, the chucks contain most of the mess. Turns out that’s what most commercial gyms actually care about.

I like to go barefoot too on occasion.
commercial gym owners/managers don’t allow it tho for liability/injury reasons.

As to the frolicking, not a hippie but an outdoorsy type for sure.

My gym won’t stop me because of their extensive anti-liability stipulations. However, a few trainers have nervously asked, “Did you forget your shoes? Myehh ha ha.”

I’m not worried about broken toes as no shoe will stop 300+. I’m worried about the incredible amount of shock being bolted into my knees and hips.

So, no real objections right?

Cheeta, look at my pic. I’m doing that in your general direction

I would try NikeFree shoes…

Barefoot on Deads, lunges, squats.

I found it hard the first few weeks but afterwards my body adapted to it.

I think we spend too much time in shoes as it is.

Look at Bolt (think olympics). They train barefoot on grass and build a great foundation by having that connection. I think it works for lifting too.

Barefoot lifting is fine.

People didn’t always have shoes.

any kind of lifts where your feet stay planted or just walk out (lunges) would be fine. But if you plan on cleaning, snatching or jerking then you might need to cop some chucks or track-like shoes.


I meant my profile pic.
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Don’t worry too much about it.