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Lifting Away to 9-10% Body Fat

Sorry, by conditioning here, I meant not fat loss, but rather getting in good performance condition.

Thanks Christian for your words of advice

I have dropped down to around 1800 calories on intake throughout the day with carbs centered around workouts only.

Following your advice I have adjusted my routine substantially from nutrition to training volume:

I do a 3x workout a week regimen right now with conditioning work AROUND those. 3x consists of 2 exercises split into 2 super sets for each body part:

Monday: Full body compound (2 exercises per body part , each super setted)
Wednesday: Same but exercises are changed
Friday: Same but exercises are changed

I go to about 10-12 reps on each of these sets (or to failure if I’m not able to go further) , 3 sets of each exercise.

For conditioning style training I do stuff like this:

Outside: Sled pushes -> 3x pushups between every 2-3 seconds -> Ladder drill -> Jog with ball and do 3 dribble moves with soccer ball -> Kick it into goal -> finished

Another variation: 10x pullups on soccer goal , jump 10x , dribble through cones , 10x pushups -> finished

I’m not sure if this would be the right way to approach the conditioning I’d need but it definitely keeps my muscles firing and heart rate elevated throughout the whole process.

I’ll do variations in the gym now too where I’ll do a barbell circuit from another article I read on t-nation where you do 5-6 exercises with a loaded barbell but not too heavy of course (never dropping it) ->

Deadlifts , Standing shoulder press, Good mornings, RDL, Back Rows, Upright Rows -> Finished

Are these good concepts to follow for the functional conditioning training?

For Diet I’ve adjusted carb intake to around workouts only - sweet potato before , rice after usually now.

Most meals contain 6-7 oz of protein and vegetables and sometimes just protein

  1. My preworkout meal is usually something like sweet potato, vegetables and chicken or oatmeal with protein powder
  2. Post workout going out of the gym is a shake now
  3. 1 hour after is white rice with any protein and vegetable
  4. The remaining meals contain protein and vegetable source.

This has helped a lot in cutting down already , any days to recommend doing a re-feed or is it just when your client feels tired/flat?

Thanks Christian

Bad question to ask. From my experience when one of the first question someone ask is “when do I get a refeed/cheat”, that person fails 9 times out of 10.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

But until you actually get down to a real 12% there should be no real need for refeeds, especially if you have carbs around workout and at 1800 , you calories aren’t that low.

I don’t like to tell you use them when tired or flat because being tired and flat is part of the process. If you aren’t tired when dieting down and if you don’t get flat from time to time you aren’t trying hard enough.

If anytime you are tired or flat you refeed, you will NEVER reach low body fat levels. You have to spend time there. Now if your workout performance goes down SIGNIFICANTLY for A WHOLE WEEK because you are too tired and are losing motivation, then maybe consider doing a refeed with an additional 200g of CLEAN carbs. But until you reach a REAL 10-12% try to push these away as much as possible

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Then this has nothing to do with this tread since it’s about getting leaner

Thanks Christian,

I appreciate this feedback it has really helped me to optimize my game plan for cutting down to the 10% level.

I’ll continue on this plan for roughly 8-12 weeks and see where this takes me.

One more question regarding core training , would you recommend something like this for a conditioning/cardio/ab routine:

done once a week?


Don’t plan in advance for 10-12 weeks. You never know when you will need to make adjustments